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Chigogidze Wines — national Qvevri and traditional European wines

Tempting Georgia

What is Georgia? For us it’s mountains, They cover their velvety slopes in soft white clouds making one catch their breath.

It’s people. They chant and cook heartily, treasure traditions and are desperately in love with life. They open up their hearts and doors, welcoming everyone to feel like home here.

And of course it’s wines. Saturated with sunshine and air clear as crystal, they make the landscapes special and give heart for the world’s most hearty wines.

It’s in Georgia where thousands of years ago the art of making wine in huge clay vessels called Qvevri was born. We created Chigogidze Wines to share this art with the world.

The Art of Qvevri

Qvevri wines are part of Georgia’s ancient culture. Huge clay vessels are placed underground and filled with grape juice and pulp to infuse. Underground position keeps good and steady temperature for fermentation while clay components — limestone and precious metals work as preservative and sustain media for bacterial composition, essential for wine fermentation.

This art-like process requires much experience, attention and inspiration. That is why every new lot of Chigogidze Wines is pure artwork.

Produced for more than 8 thousand years, Qvevri wines have become symbol of Georgia’s winemaking and are valued around the world. Can be tasted in national cuisine restaurants or wine bars around the globe.

Our wines


Chigogidze Winery is situated in Kavtishevi village, and so is our private vineyard. We also buy materials from Megreli, Racha, Imereti and Kakheti regions for certain types of wine, where we carefully monitor the growth environment and pick grapes that will sure become the best wine in the world. Otherwise, why do it?

Chigogidze Winery

We aim to revive rare or missing grape varieties such as Tavkveri, Shavkapito, Chinuri — and make them popular. We acquire lands with soils and geographical position fit for these species to grow and ripe.

The story of Chigogidze Winery starts, as often here, with loud and welcoming family celebrations accompanied by fragrant homemade wines.

The family have been making wines for decades picking and treasuring special recipes, mastering the subtleties of selecting materials and manufacturing process. Eventually the wines became highly appreciated by locals. Read more

About Founder

Businessman and private investor in the field of telecommunications and media Zurab Chigogidze has found his passion in the culture of winemaking. Keeping in mid old traditions of Georgia, he created a brand that is more than making good wine — it reflects the essence of Georgia, its history and atmosphere. Focusing on best technologies in winemaking and fondness for homeland, he set up an ambitious goal: to create another symbol of Georgia, another positive connotation. The project is noncommercial for the moment, it’s main goal is to add value to the image of Georgia’s winemaking, wine and culture. Read more

Restaurant and Tasting Centre

Taste the variety of Chigogidze Wines and buy the ones you love most, feel the authentic Georgian cuisine and get inspired by the noble antiquity. Tasting centre, restaurant and wine boutique will be based in the medieval Orbeliani tower in central Tbilisi. As well as our wines, the Tower keeps secrets of ancient Georgia and is up to modern standards of comfort; it helps to relax the mind and energize the body.

31 Jorbenadze Str. Isani Samgori district Tbilisi Georgia (opens in June 2017)